Member Description

Eligibility for the various categories of membership are as follows:-

  1. Full Members:

    1. Qualified Dietitians - any person who is currently holder of a degree or a postgraduate diploma in Dietetics recognized by the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine (Dietitian Board), the American Dietetic Association, the Dietitians of Canada, the British Dietetic Association and the Dietitians Association of Australia for full membership, or equivalent; and

    2. Qualified Nutritionists - any person who is the holder of a degree (baccalaureate, master, doctoral) awarded by a university or other institution recognized by the Association majoring in one of the following areas, namely, dietetics, foods, and nutrition.

  2. Associate Members:
  • Any person who is the holder of a degree or diploma in food science, food service management, home economics, or medicine;
  1. Student Members:
  • Any student enrolled in a dietetic/nutrition program in a regionally accredited college or university.
  1. Honorary Members:
  • Any person who has made a notable contribution to the field of nutrition and dietetics may be admitted to the Association as an Honorary Member upon invitation of the Executive Committee.
  1. Overseas Members:
  • Any person who meets the following criteria may apply for membership as Overseas Member:
    1. he holds the same qualification as a Full Member; and

    2. he resides outside Hong Kong for more than 6 months in a fiscal year of the Association.

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