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Journal of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology
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Basic Search
1. Identify the key concepts in your research question.
Example: Find citations about Nocturia Survey in Hong Kong
The key concepts are Nocturia, Survey and Hong Kong
Enter the significant terms into the search box at the left hand side.

2. Keyword search
Example 1: heart disease, the search function will search the word heart & disease, but the words are not required in consequence order.
Example 2: "heart disease", the serach function will search the word heart disease in consequence order.
3.. Choose the "Abstract" option under the search box.
Press the Enter key or click "Search" buton.

Searching by author
Enter the part of the author name in the search box, and choose the "Author" option under the search box.
no special format is required.

Searching by Article Title
Enter the keywords of the topic in the search box, and choose the "Article title" option under the search box.

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