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  Certificate Course on Care for Advanced Diseases
  Certificate Course on Understanding and Treating Sex Offenders for Medical & Helping Professionals 2019
  Certificate Course on Renal Medicine 2019 (FULL)
  Certificate Course in Clinical Cytogenetics and Genetics 2019
  Certificate Course on Essential Healthcare Mediation 2019
  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Health Care Professionals
  Certificate Course in Allergy 2019 (FULL)
  Certificate Course on Communication and Swallowing Development and Disorders in Children 2019
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  Recent Advance in Advance Acne Treatment
  The Use of Mediation in the Healthcare Sector
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  Family Cohesion-caring for the Younger Generation
  A Nutritional Intervention Designed to Enhance Synapse Formation in Early Alzheimer’s
  A New Evidence-based Addition to Your Toolkit: Formula Diets for Weight Loss, Maintenance and Health Improvement
  Hong Kong Nutrition Association 35th Anniversary Annual Scientific Meeting
  Healthcare Insurance Luncheon
  Allergy Prevention in the First 1000 days: an update on GINI study 15 years results and allergy prevention guidelines
  Care for Advanced Diseases CME/CNE Symposium cum Roundtable Discussion
  Certificate Course in Asthma
  Care for Advanced Diseases: Joint CME Seminar
  Functional Foods for Heart Health - An Update
  Clinical Evidence of Aggressive LDL Lowering in CVD Prevention
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