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HKMD Vol.26 No.07 Jul 2021
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HKMD Vol.22 No 12 December 2017
Press Release - Survey on “Care for the Advanced Diseases”
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[FMSHK] Department of Health – Interim Guidance Notes on Common Medical Diseases and COVID-19 Vaccination in Primary Care Settings (As of 22 April 2021) and infographic for public

Dear Presidents of the Federation Members Societies,

In response to the request by the Director of Health, The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong (FMSHK) has invited relevant members societies to contribute towards the guidance notes for the better understanding and further dissemination of advice in relation to the frequently asked questions on COVID-19 vaccines.

Through concerted effort from our members societies, the consolidated guidance notes from The Hong Kong Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, Hong Kong Cancer Therapy Society, The Hong Kong Society of Haematology, The Hong Kong Society for Infectious Diseases and The Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology were sent to the Department of Health and uploaded to the HKSAR website.

We are glad to inform you that the latest version of the Interim Guidance Notes On Common Medical Diseases and COVID-19 Vaccination In Primary Care Settings (As of 22 April 2021) from the Department of Health has been uploaded to the thematic COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Webpage ( The document could be accessed via

Further to the Interim Guidance Notes, the 2 infographic had been produced accordingly by the Department of Health for public as well. The infographic can be accessed via or directly via and

Please help forward to your members and colleagues, and enhance our understanding towards COVID-19 vaccination.

Our appreciation to you all for the tireless efforts and contribution, and together we fight the COVID-19!

Best regards,
The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong
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